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CO2 Goose Call - Acrylic

CO2 Goose Call - Acrylic

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After 2 years in research and design, the CO2 Goose Call is HERE!!!! These are hands down, the best goose calls we have ever used. The length of this call sits approximately at 5.05" in overall length and 1.35" in maximum outer diameter. The short reed LEGEND guts fit nicely into a 0.620" bore. The length and design of this call were made specifically to get a range of low throaty honks and moans as well as hitting high notes that are not possible with many other calls.

The CO2 is made of Lathe Turned Acrylic Parts along with a prominent thick Anodized Aluminum center band. This call was designed, produced, and assembled with quality in mind.

Our newly designed double ended reed allow for two distinct sound options in tuning this call. The narrow end allows for a large range of pitches and the wider end of the reed allows for a deep mature honker tone. Paired with our LEGEND guts with quick wedge set notches for easy readjustments, this call is ready to put in work.

Overall, the ease of use and wide range of pitches in this call make it the greatest short reed goose call we have ever used. So much so, that we offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. 

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