About Us

Legend Calls is an outdoor products company looking to help inspire each persons inner legend. We fully believe in conservation, the ethical pursuit of wild game, and traditions passed down from generation to generation. 

Based in Max, North Dakota, a small town in the middle of the north central prairie, we have been surrounded by all types of wildlife for as long as we can remember. Living in such country inspires a connection with the outdoors and hunting. Inspired by our passion for hunting, we decided to start a business making and selling game calls. Pooling our backgrounds of Engineering, Construction Management, and Mechanics, we launched our company in 2017. Years later we continue to create and innovate with each new product we set our minds on. Over this short time, we have become one of the most popular game call companies in the United States. With no plans of stopping, you can bet we will continue to create quality innovative products.

Where did the hunting passion stem from?

Pictures of us and our hunting family: